After Pixel

After Pixel was a game I developed in 72 hours for the GMC jam. It was a fun project to embark on as it required me learning more about 3D game development such as setting and updating the cameras position and projection. You can download the game here.


Activating Camera Rotation

As you can see, After Pixel is essentially a 3D game made to appear as a 2D platformer whereby players can rotate the camera in order to solve puzzles. This design was inspired by Fez.


Solving 3D Puzzles

This game allowed more complex puzzles to be created than a standard 2D game as the player had to consider the rotation of the camera in order to solve the puzzles while also traversing the puzzle using standard platformer mechanics.


Essentially a 2D Platformer

The game was still essentially a 2D platformer and that was the primary mode of movement. The player was expected to time and execute their jumps to perfection in order to progress.