Samuel Mungy

A.I Programmer,Gameplay Programmer,CTO RepeatXP

Name: Samuel Mungy

Profile: A.I/Gameplay Programmer


Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Phone: +255744735753

Core Skills

C++ Excellent
C# Strong
Unreal Engine 4 Good
Unity3D Strong
JavaScript Very Strong
Network Programming Okay
About me

Samuel is a passionate and dedicated video game developer. Having fallen in love with video games when playing Pokemon Emerald on the Gameboy Advanced, Samuel saw fit to develop his programming skills. It was during his early days of developing video games that he decided on the name: Endeva. A mispelling of the word, endeavour, it was meant to represent the will and pursuit in achieving his goals.

A multidisciplinary programmer, Samuel is well capable programming in C++, C# and JavaScript with his known scope of topics covering Artificial Intelligence, Gameplay and Network programming. As a Freelancer for over a year, Samuel's achievements in the video game industry include leading two projects as the lead A.I/Gameplay programmer and leading the network programming in another.

Apart from this, Samuel is a passionate bookworm and amateur philosopher but when it's time to pick up a controller, his preference of video games are RPG and RTS games if not a charming indie game.


Here's what I can do for you!

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in video games is an important part of creating an immersive experience for players. Having a strong grasp of varying A.I techniques (i.e Behaviour Trees, FSM, GOAP, and more!) I can help create believable and impactful A.I agents for your game.

Gameplay Programming

Gameplay programming encompasses many different disciplines. The execution of game mechanics can define the experience that a player has. Hire me to develop rich gameplay for your games.

Network Programming

I can help you create your multiplayer game! I'm comfortable with techniques such as: Circular buffers, Client-Side prediction, Server Reconciliation, RLE inputs so that we can develop a fast and enjoyable multiplayer experience!


I've worked on a few things!